Modern trucks &Smart Logistics


No matter where or what you are shipping, Meo international logistics offers a range of land transportation services and systems. As a major global intermodal player, we deliver effective and reliable transportation via road, rail and barge services in your domestic and overseas markets.


Our capabilities:


Over-the-road Services- A complete array of reliable, over-the-road trucking solutions ranging from Full Truck Load (FTL) / Less than Truck Load (LTL) to regional, asset-based solutions, climate control and bulk commodities

Intermodal services – A full range of options that combine the efficiencies of long-haul rail transport with short-haul motor carriage, even inland waterways by barge

Managed transportation services – Solutions to maximize your outsourced transportation performance while minimizing expense

World class information technology solutions – Superior shipping and data visibility that blend well with any platform. The open-architecture design of our managed transportation technology assures smooth integration with a variety of transport management, warehouse management and Electronic Resource Planning (ERP) systems

Supply chain simulation tools and reporting dashboards – Help anticipate supply chain outcomes with precision so you can make better informed choices on inventory deployment to over-the-road mode selection

We offer you the advantage of integrating all these services with your global transportation program for seamless supply chain quality from end-to-end.